Why invest in Ensenada?

Why invest in Ensenada?


Ensenada is known as the Mexican capital of wine, since ninety percent of the country’s wine is produced in the large municipality that surrounds it. The city is located approximately 80 km from the US-Mexico border, facing the Pacific Ocean.


It is also known as the city of knowledge for being the spearhead of scientific research, as well as a port of commercial height and of cruises.


It is a tourist center and a weekend retreat for millions of visitors a year. It has two national parks located southeast of the municipality, the Constitution National Park of 1857 (Sierra de Juárez) and San Pedro Mártir, where the National Astronomical Observatory is located. Ensenada is the spearhead of scientific research, both basic and applied, and has been declared by the local municipality as the City of Knowledge.


Live adventures of Heaven, Sea and Earth.

Start your tour on the Coastal Boulevard visiting the port area and the monumental Caracol Science and Aquarium Museum and venture into an adventure. Walk along the boardwalk to the plaza to admire its dancing fountains and local shows; deléitate later in the Black Market, of fish and seafood, with restaurants and shops.


Visit the traditional Riviera Civic and Cultural Center with its beautiful architecture and enjoy the temporary exhibitions of local artists and the rest of the country who present their works in a natural and relaxed environment.



Know the Center of the City

Head towards the picturesque First Street where you can find shops, restaurants and bars like the traditional Hussong’s canteen, famous for being the cradle of daisies. To whet your appetite, order a traditional fish taco at any food stall or hedgehog toast. Reserve the afternoon to visit some of the wine cellars with tasting of their products.


Discover how night emerges with new proposals

Close the day drinking craft beer and tasting cheeses with your family and friends in any of the new places that the port hosts.



In Ensenada you will find Guadalupe Island, the best place in the world to see white sharks, you will have a unique encounter with the sea where you can appreciate, as if from prehistory, the elephant seal colonies that migrate from Alaska to reproduce.


It also has a calm sea, hills, the gigantic middle desert-tropical valley, and its mountains that embrace the national parks; You will find cave paintings and a spectacular marine geyser called La Bufadora -a deep submarine canyon that empties into a cave in the cliff-; This marine geyser rises more than 30 meters above sea level, producing a sound that has given rise to its name.


You can also observe thousands of gray whales from the northern seas to the natural refuge located south of Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Laguna San Ignacio and Bahia de Ballenas in Baja California Sur, to give birth to their whales.

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